How to Keep Your Pet Calm During Moving Day


Double Duty Movers and Portable Storage understand how stressful relocating with a pet can be. Our goal is to make the relocation safe for your pets, and the transition as stress free as possible. Pets’ behaviors vary, but studies have shown that dogs and cats are creatures of their environment. Your animals can sense their environment is changing, as the family is preparing to move. Occasionally, pets experience anxiety, and stress on moving day, especially when their daily routine has been interrupted. Most pets find it difficult to have strangers entering their home. Double Duty Movers is a “Pet Friendly” company, and we are dedicated to making your pet’s moving experience as comfortable as possible. Make sure your pet collars have current tags with your name and phone number.

1. If your pet has anxiety, you might consider keeping your pet in a room in your home while the movers are loading and unloading. Plug in a TV or a radio and turn the volume up to dissipate any noise from the movers. Prepare a goodie box and fill it with lots of chew toys, and treats. Buy Treat Ball and fill it with your pets’ favorite treats. Freeze it, it lasts longer. Place your pet’s favorite toy or blanket in the room to insure his comfort.

2. Some families have a fence in the backyard so they can keep their pets safe while movers are packing and loading the household goods.

3. There are “Pet Boarding Daycares” available in most areas if you prefer to let the experienced trainers provide the highest care during moving day. Call and set up an appointment in advance if this work for you.

4. Looking for pet transportation services in the US? Our team of experienced and dedicated pet handlers are trained to provide the highest care for any animals during transport. We partner with specific companies to provide an all-inclusive pet relocation service. They provide the best expert ground transport services with care and safety and can arrange in-cabin air pet transport service throughout the U.S., Canada, and Internationally. Call today so we can discuss the details of your upcoming pet transportation. We all can work alongside each other, to provide this exceptional service for your pet.